Ultimate Father’s Day Experience

by Jen Wold

We are so proud to have a few dads in our community of successful baby gear rental experts and we want to give them a shout out this Father’s Day! Keep reading to find out why three of our dads, Mark, Brian and Taylor are dedicated to renting baby equipment and what their ultimate Father’s Day experience would be.

Mark Saalwaechter

Mark is a stay-at-home dad living in Burbank with his wife Mary, two kids under 5, and an assortment of surprise Legos which reveal themselves underfoot at night. His family, like yours, loves to travel but has experienced every downside of vacationing with kids–from ill-timed barfs, to crusty rental pack ‘n plays, to an airline losing his baby’s brand-new car seat. He knew there had to be a better way to travel with kids and BabyQuip (formerly Babierge) is it!

He can’t help you with the barf part (OR CAN HE?) (he can’t), but he’s determined to make sure you don’t have to add gear worries to the already-challenging experience of traveling with kiddos. And if you’re a local who needs some temporary gear for a visit from the grandkids, he’s got your back too. He’s always increasing his inventory, so if you don’t see something you need, he’ll add it! Check out the gear he offers HERE.

happy father with familyMark’s Ultimate Father’s Day Experience

“As a stay-at-home dad, my ultimate Father’s Day experience would be on an isolated white sandy beach with my wife Mary, thousands of miles away from my children. At noon, when I wake up, I receive a video call from my parents who are watching the kids. My son (4), (who has just finished a plate of broccoli without complaining) thanks me for being such an awesome Dad, while my daughter (2) promises to never leave her Legos on the floor of our house ever again. After the call, my wife and I eat a slow lunch without taking anyone to the bathroom. After lunch, neither of us are hungry 10 minutes later, because we finished all of our food. We stare into the ocean for hours, and nobody interrupts us to “watch this” or “look what I made”. The sun slowly disappears beneath the horizon, and nobody has wet the bed!” -Mark

Brian Yount

With four (almost) grown children, Brian has firsthand experience with the challenges of travel with small children. Since first becoming a parent in the early 90’s, he never lived closer than six hours to relatives. Numerous trips were taken lugging baby equipment throughout the Midwest and Southeast for holidays and vacations. Now, he is excited to make life a little easier for today’s parents. Brian provides high-quality baby equipment and service in the Memphis and Desoto County areas. Click to see the baby gear he offers.

happy dad with family

Brian’s Ultimate Father’s Day Experience

“It’s been a while since I have had small children. My kids are 26, 24, 19 & 17 now. We traveled a lot with several Disney vacations, beach trips, sporting events, etc. Lugging the baby gear was never enjoyable but I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything. Typically, if the kids were happy and busy so were me and my wife. So, the best would include a water park, amusement park, beach, mountains, etc. Something that everyone would enjoy not just Dad. For me just hanging out with my family that day or weekend always made it awesome. Now, I would still be happy with the same type of activities but the ultimate would probably be playing golf at a nice course with my two sons and then in the evening doing something that my daughters and wife would more enjoy, like a concert, Broadway type show, winery or dinner at a cool restaurant. It wouldn’t have to be anything over the top just a stress-free day doing something we would all enjoy would be perfect!” -Brian

Taylor Horn

Taylor is married to his high school sweetheart and currently resides in Folsom, California. He works in IT support and thrives interacting with people daily. Traveling is of the utmost importance to Taylor and his family. As adventure seekers, they love anything outdoors (hiking, river floating, kayaking, etc.) and love to discover new cities (restaurants, movie theatres, museums, shopping, etc.). With a new baby, they can’t imagine going on their next trip without some of their most trusted baby gear. Unfortunately, as most parents know, some of the best go-to baby items are not travel friendly. There might not be anything worse than a sleepless night that interrupts your relaxing vacation. That is why Taylor is so excited about BabyQuip and is excited to offer baby gear rental services to other parents in the same predicament. So pack light and let Taylor deliver the highest quality baby gear to you as you explore the greater Sacramento area. Don’t hesitate to ask him about great local spots to check out! His high quality gear is available to rent HERE.

happy dad with family

Taylor’s Ultimate Father’s Day Experience

“For me, the number one thing is keeping my child and wife safe and comfortable. If everyone is happy, I can better focus on the other things that make trips unforgettable like great food, once in a lifetime experiences and crazy unplanned adventures.”

“I anticipate the day when my wife, myself and my son can go backpacking in the mountains as a family. We currently have only one child and he is 11 months old so we are not quite ready to have a backpacking trip, but imagine within a few years we will be able to. As a father, that would be the ultimate experience for me…a weekend getaway with just my family in nature.” -Taylor

So, if you’re traveling near Mark (Burbank, CA), Brian (Memphis, TN & DeSoto County) or Taylor (Sacramento, CA), be sure to hook yourself up with some great baby gear for a stress-free getaway!

Give a shout out to the awesome dads in your life and tell us about the great Father’s Day adventures you’ve had in the comments below.

Jennifer is the marketing manager at BabyQuip. She is constantly trying to reinvent awesomeness through written copy, visual appeal, social media content and custom ads.

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