4 Ways to Explain the 4th of July to Very Young Kids

It’s that time again, the beloved, sacred time, that we get off of work and other commitments, to celebrate! If you are like me, we get the opportunity to spend this holiday as a family and with our friends.

Here are some ways to talk about it to our little ones.

1. It’s the birthday of America – You know how you have a birthday? Your birthday is the day that you were born. Well, America has a birthday too, which is the day it was born. Every year, we celebrate it, just like we celebrate you.

2. 4th of July is also called ‘Independence Day’ – Many, many years ago, this was the day that the people who started our country declared independence from Britain – another country. This meant they would no longer follow the orders of Britain’s king. This was a very dangerous thing to do because Britain liked having control over our county and they had a very strong army. We fought and beat them in the ‘Revolutionary War’.

3. So why does our flag have stars and what do them mean? There are 50 stars for our 50 states that are in America.

4th of July Kids
4th of July Kids

There are 13 stripes and each one was for one of the groups that became independent from Britain. Our flag is a symbol – it is what we ‘stand’ for and shows that as Americans we are connected together from our history that goes way, way back many years to 1776. We treat the flag with respect.

4. America is very special. We have rights and freedoms in our country that other countries do not. We use these rights every day when we pray (or decide not to), read a newspaper or watch the news, look at things on the internet, or meet and talk with friends and family in public.

10537043_10152590400661303_2477556646796047321_nAs the Fourth of July approaches, I imagine if you are a parent like me, you cherish this day. As long as I can remember, it has been a family and friend day. And oh boy, the excitement when I was a small child and even to this day. I remember that our family would walk, with arms that were stuffed to the gills, with items to be used while watching the fireworks. We would trot with what seemed like hundreds, down the long winding road to the park, where the city sent off the biggest fireworks in the world. They were so loud – boom!

What are your memories?

–by Kerri Couillard, Founder and CTO of Babierge, Inc.

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