Babierge Best for Baby Gear Reviews: Keenz Stroller Wagon

Item – Keenz Stroller Wagon

Category – On the Go

Baby Gear Expert – Lisa Peek

Babierge Trusted Partner, San Antonio

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More than enough versatility for the family on-the-go!

Chances are, at some time or another most parents have found themselves pushing air down the street while their wild child romps around their stroller… At this point your stroller is really an ineffective pushcart. The Keenz Stroller Wagon is a great alternative to strollers with the same comfort and safety, but with added functionality. Going to the grocery store with your kiddos? Bring the Keenz Wagon, so when they decide it’s time to roam you can keep packing the wagon full of groceries.

The Keenz Wagon is a testament to high-quality functionality. It can be used at the beach or park as easily as it can be used at home, out shopping, or while running errands. The wagons collapse feature makes it surprisingly compact and easy to travel with. Keenz also ensures rider safety by including a 5-point harness to keep kids inside and secure. It also has a canopy to keep kids in the shade. And don’t forget, the Keenz Stroller Waggon comes with useful accessories like consoles, cup holders and coolers. You can upgrade your children’s wagon time by purchasing additional accessories, including beach wheels, bug/wind/rain covers, and more. The possibilities are endless!


When it comes down to it, the Keenz Stroller Wagon is great for traveling families because of its versatility. I love that I can use it with my kids for a day at Seaworld right after I use it to bring my bags up to my hotel room from the car. Plus, this wagon is trendy and cool looking compared to regular strollers. If you compare it to many double strollers, it’s very affordable considering it can hold two kids and still has added room. If your kiddos are anything like my boys, they’ll love the “fun” factor of riding around in a super cool wagon!

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Lisa Peek is a Babierge Trusted Partner in San Antonio. She rents baby equipment (and books, toys, and even ride-on toys!) to families traveling to Alamo City, and to local grandparents and relatives hosting visiting grandchildren.

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