Babierge Best for Baby Gear Reviews: Baby Banz earBanZ Kids Hearing Protection

Item – Baby Banz earBanZ Kids Hearing Protection

Category – Hearing Protection

Baby Gear Expert – Kerri Couillard

Babierge Trusted Partner, Albuquerque


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Ear Protection For Airplanes, Car Rides, Sports Games, Crowded Events and More!

Isn’t it true that often when babies get upset and start crying they are irritated by something unpleasant happening around them? Take a flight for example – before liftoff everything is placid, and the baby is occupied with a toy or nap… But as soon as the plane gets moving they become very much awake, unhappy, and loud! And once the plane is in the air and you’ve finally calmed your kiddo down, something will happen to start the cycle all over again – someone has a coughing fit, the airplane makes some harsh noises, another child starts crying. Baby Banz earBanz Hearing Protection is my perfect solution for these problems.

Baby Banz earBanZ come in a gamut of variations so you’re sure to find one just right for you child, for example, they offer one size for children 0-2 years old which was perfect for my kiddo, and a slightly bigger size for those age 2-12 years old. And ranging from $23 to $30 they are definitely worth the price to bring your child along in good spirits to loud, crowded events while keeping their ears safe. Plus, because these earmuffs can fold to fit inside most parents’ palms, they won’t take up much space in a diaper bag or backpack.


My earBanz are so effective that customers often tell me kiddos who wear them at noisy events actually end up snoozing halfway through! Fireworks, music concerts, and movies are all manageable with a little one who’s wearing a pair of Baby Banz earBanZ. “They can’t possibly be that comfy – my baby never sleeps, even in silence,” customers often say. But take it from me – the problem isn’t getting your baby to sleep, it’s getting them to relinquish the earmuffs! My kids liked enjoyed earmuffs so much they wouldn’t even take them off!

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Kerri Couillard is the CTO and Founder of Babierge Baby Gear Marketplace and is a Trusted Partner in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She rents baby equipment (and books, baby monitors, and even ride-on toys!) to families traveling in Albuquerque, and to local grandparents hosting their families.

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