Toddler Bed rental in Portland, Oregon by Courtney Humbard

Courtney Humbard

Courtney Humbard

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Courtney is adjusting to a new life as stay-at-home mom to three children. She left her role as a Purchasing Manager and has loved watching her children grow before her eyes ever since. Recently she was planning a family vacation and was nervous about bringing along her car seats, strollers,
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Toddler Bed

$12.00/day (3-day min)

Includes toddler bed, mattress, mattress pad and two fitted sheets. Constructed of solid wood and is the perfect bed for your toddler. It is designed at the right height so your toddler can safely get in and out of bed. It is the perfect transition for toddlers that have outgrown a crib but are still too small for an adult bed. 

Manufacturer: Dream On Me

  • Weight Capacity: 50 lbs