Stroller Footmuff/Cocoon rental in Stockholm, Sweden by Deanne Karlsson

Deanne Karlsson

Deanne Karlsson

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We help you create a home-like experience when you travel with your baby to Stockholm! As a Swedish-American Family, Marcus and Deanne have traveled regularly with their small children and have learned to master traveling challenges. Minimal high-quality gear is essential. Nordic baby culture priorities safe, simple, and sleek gear
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High quality, Organically cleaned, Non-toxic gear

Stroller Footmuff/Cocoon

$8.00/day (3-day min)

Want to know how to keep your kids warm during Sweden winters? As a Swedish/Utah couple, we are experts at dressing kids for the cold winter! Add a footmuff to any stroller with the peace of mind that you can spend all day outdoors and know your kids will stay warm.

Manufacturer: Bugaboo