Luxury Travel Crib/Pack and Play: Baby Bjorn rental in San Jose, California by Rima Hanke

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Rima Hanke

Rima Hanke

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Welcome to the Bay Area! We are here to make sure you have an enjoyable and stress free stay. Rima and Patric live in San Jose, California with their two sons. As a Swedish-American family they spent a number of years abroad living in Stockholm, Sweden as well as Dublin,
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Conveniently located 10 minutes from San Jose International Airport.

Luxury Travel Crib/Pack and Play: Baby Bjorn

$12.00/day (3-day min)

The same size as a typical pack n play but has a more comfortable mattress, is lighter and has an easier setup! Weighs only 13 lbs but and does not have a child weight limit making it a great option for both small babies and toddlers (up to approx 3 yrs). Now you can get optimal comfort and convenience while traveling! Includes cotton sheets.

Manufacturer: Varies: Baby Bjorn or Guava Lotus