Best Rental Services for Traveling Millennial Families

Millennial families are traveling much differently than families of past generations. With a desire to travel lighter, as well as more conveniently and efficiently, it’s no surprise that the travel rental industry is booming. And we’re not just talking about renting vacation homes. Everything from baby gear, to transportation, to food delivery services are making millennial travel more appealing than ever before!

Check out our suggestions of best rental services that will take the headache out of travel. These resources will simplify some common friction points to create a seamless travel experience for families!

Book a Place to Stay!

With a market flooded with vacation home rentals to choose from, gone are the days of paying exorbitant rates for hotel stays. Nowadays you can choose from one of many vacation home rental companies and set search filters to help you narrow down the home best suited for you and your family. Whether you want a home that is all on one level so you don’t have to worry about babies and the dangers of stairs, or whether you want a pool so that the family can enjoy some fun in the sun, the world is really your oyster!

In addition to the good old standby vacation rental services such as Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway and onefinestay, we particularly like the family friendly site, Kid & Coe. This vacation home company boasts curated family-friendly properties with amenities geared towards families. They are also typically centrally located to family-oriented activities. They are super stylish properties to boot, which makes them extra Instagrammable and appealing to millennial families!

Pack Light. Travel Happy.

The baby gear rental industry has figured out a way to make family travel a true “vacation”. Let’s face it, babies and toddlers are creatures of habit. Travel generally goes much smoother if they have the comforts that they are accustomed to from home. The good news is that baby gear rental companies like BabyQuip have you covered! As the best baby equipment rental service, you can have your vacation rental set up just like home sweet home!

BabyQuip rents items like full-sized baby cribs, car seats, high chairs, sound machines, toys, books and plenty more. Some BabyQuip Independent Quality Providers offer seasonal items such as beach chairs and beach umbrellas in the warmer months, if you’re planning a trip to the beach! BabyQuip’s motto is “Pack Light. Travel Happy.”, which definitely takes the hassle out of family travel for you! They are located in over 400 cities across the US and Canada making finding your rental necessities easy.

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Order In Food from a Grocery Delivery Service!

Once you arrive at your vacation rental, consider using a grocery delivery service such as Instacart to do your grocery shopping for you. This service takes the hassle out of lugging tired kids through the grocery store in a foreign city. Most delivery services can have your items delivered to you in under an hour. Also check out apps such as Postmates, Grubhub and DoorDash, as you may not be in the mood for cooking after a long day out and about, exploring a new city! They are third party platform apps that offer food delivery from local restaurants. Talk about taking a much needed break from the monotonous cooking and cleaning of everyday life!

Use a Ride Share While on Vacation!

It’s inevitable that you’ll need some form of transportation to get around once you’ve arrived at your destination. Depending on the city, public transportation is often an option. Another tried and tested option is to rent a car from a car rental company such as Enterprise or Hertz. However Millennials are often choosing to use ride share companies like Uber or Lyft, where they leave the driving to the platform driver and simply use the services only when needed.

A popular use of rideshare apps is for rides to and from the airport to avoid costly airport parking fees. If you choose to go the more conventional route and decide to rent a car for your travels, consider hiring a Tot Squad expert to install your carseat for you. Car rental services are not legally allowed to install carseats for their customers.

Embark on an RV Adventure!

Millennial families place a high value on “experiences”, as opposed to material goods. What screams experiential and adventurous more than packing the family up for an RV vacation? According to Techcrunch, “more than 35 million people each year look to rent an RV — 38 percent of them so-called millennials.” Platforms such as Outdoorsy and RVshare are catering to this segment of the population by operating their companies like the “Airbnb of RV rentals”. Not only is this a cost effective way to travel, it creates an opportunity for more frequent getaways. Outdoorsy states “for a family of four, RV travel is 20-63% less than other types of vacations”. RV rental services let you go wherever you choose, as well as bring the whole family together in a unique setting.

What are your favorite rental services you use while traveling? We would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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