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BabyQuip Quality Providers have made over 65,000 family miles strolled possible. Whether exploring Central Park in New York City, or Banff National Park near Calgary, or even the Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona, BabyQuip provides super clean strollers so your youngest sightseer is comfortable and safe on your daily adventures.

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Stroller Pricing: Umbrella Strollers, Double Strollers, Jogging Strollers and More!

BabyQuip Independent Quality Providers offer clean, safe and insured travel systems for traveling families, and local grandparents hosting grandchildren, in hundreds of locations across the US & Canada. From jogging strollers to double strollers, prices reasonably range from $6 - $22 per day.


Strollers Available to Rent

  • Full Sized Strollers
  • Double Strollers
  • Jogging Strollers
  • Pockit Strollers
  • Umbrella Strollers
  • Sit n' Stand Strollers
  • Travel Strollers
  • Car Seat Strollers
  • Snap ‘n’ Go Strollers

Types of Strollers

Stay active on your next getaway! Our customers often say renting a stroller was a vacation life-saver. It’s easy to think your baby or toddler can walk long distances or be carried without trouble while sightseeing. However, renting a lightweight stroller can save little legs and give them (and you) a much-needed break. Especially while visiting a zoo, museum or park. With so many options available, it may be confusing to choose the right stroller for your specific needs. We’ve outlined the five main types of strollers below to help you make an informed decision on your rental. If you still have questions, please contact a Quality Provider in your destination city to get more detailed information.

Full Size Strollers

This sturdy and durable stroller is the most common choice. This type of stroller is suitable for infants and toddlers. It is a great option to rent while visiting family or while on vacation. You can mount an infant car seat (rear or front facing). Plus, the seat reclines to a comfortable position for toddlers when it’s time for a nap. Full-size strollers come equipped with a tray table, cup holders, padded seats and an extendable canopy. They have a roomy underneath storage compartment. This is great for storing travel essentials like snacks, a diaper bag, and souvenirs! These strollers hold approximately 50 pounds or 23 kilograms* of adorable toddler weight.

Jogging Strollers

If staying physically active is important to your daily routine, renting a jogging stroller is something to consider. It can help keep you on schedule even while traveling. Jogging strollers have one swivel wheel in front and two wheels in back. A jogging stroller makes maneuvering and rolling over uneven surfaces easier. They come in single seat and double seat options. Shock absorbers and superior suspension help little ones stay comfortable while moving at a fast pace. A built-in handbrake makes sudden stops possible. So, no excuse to skip your morning exercise routine whether it’s a quick jog or a long hike on the trails! Jogging strollers are often used in place of full-sized strollers as they have all the same conveniences. Weight limits are typically around 50-75 pounds or 23-34 kilograms* depending on the model.

Double Strollers

If you have twins or two small children, a double stroller is a great option to consider renting. They come in two formats: side-by-side and tandem, or one seat in front of the other. A side-by-side stroller is going to be wider since kids will be sitting next to each other. Depending on what sites you plan to see on your family vacation make sure this is an appropriate option. Kids will be able to easily interact with each other sitting side-by-side which may or may not be the best for your situation! A tandem stroller will be a better option if fitting through narrow spaces will be an issue. Children sit one in front of the other and the back seat is typically elevated so visibility is not lost. Some tandem travel systems are also able to hold one or two car seats. Depending on format and model double strollers can hold 70-100 pounds or 32-45 kilograms*.

Umbrella Strollers

Lightweight strollers like umbrella strollers are easy to maneuver and can go with you just about anywhere. They fold down to a manageable size making them easy to travel with. Many lightweight strollers come equipped with useful features. These include an expandable canopy, underneath storage space, seat recliner and a built-in cup holder or snack tray. Without a specific adaptor, umbrella strollers aren’t suitable for infants 6 months or younger. They have a 40 pound, or 18-kilogram weight limit*.

Car Seat Strollers

Also called snap ‘n go strollers, these are essentially frames on wheels and are designed to hold just a car seat. These convenient, compact, and lightweight strollers make them easy to toss in the back of a vehicle. They are perfect for traveling families who may be using forms of public transportation. Car seat strollers are not typically designed for toddler use but some full-feature models do exist. They can safely hold up to 35 pounds or 16 kilograms*.

Sit 'n' Stand Strollers

This stroller option gives bigger children the option to sit in a seat when they need a break or stand on a secure platform while being pushed. They come in single and tandem options if more than one baby or child is in tow. They are often called stand-on strollers and can hold 90-125 pounds or 41-57 kilograms*. They come with the same features as full-sized strollers and jogging strollers.

*All listed weights are approximate. Please refer to the stroller manufacturer, manual or website to determine exact weight limits for the stroller you choose to rent.


Clean, Safe & Insured Baby Equipment:

Quality Providers are required to complete extensive training on equipment safety. This is before they begin renting baby gear. They are taught how to properly clean items to ensure every family is able to experience safe and spotless items. Unlike most baby gear rental companies, BabyQuip carries insurance. We cover your entire rental experience making us the safest choice for you and your little one.

Things to Consider When Renting a Stroller

Space Limitations - Predetermining how much space you will have to store a stroller when it’s not in use is smart planning! Whether it’s trunk space, closet space, garage space or storage space, consider your space limitations and rent accordingly.

Public Transportation - Planning to live like a local and experience riding the Bart in San Francisco or the Subway in New York City? Consider having to lift your stroller up and down stairs or fit it through tight spaces, turnstiles and/or gates. You might want to opt for a lightweight stroller.

Activity Level - Consider your activity schedule. If a daily jog in the foothills is built into your vacation agenda, rent a stroller that can handle rough, uneven trails. If you have a jam-packed week filled with museum tours and sightseeing you may want something with ample storage.

Setup Time - Make sure you take the time to fully understand how to set up and fold down the stroller you rent. This will save time and sanity every time you need to use the stroller!

Size & Weight - Full-size strollers and jogging strollers can weigh up to 40 pounds or 18 kilograms. Make sure you can maneuver and easily lift the stroller you choose without hurting yourself.

Stroller Safety Tips for Baby

tip 1

Don't teach your little one how to use stroller brakes. Make sure they can't reach around far enough while sitting in the stroller to unlock the brakes when you aren't looking!

tip 2

Make sure all buckles are tight enough that your little one can't disconnect the mechanism on their own. While it's easy to get into the habit of not securing stroller buckles, it's not a great idea. Buckles are designed to hold little ones securely in place.

tip 3

Make sure all items are stored in the underneath compartment. When bags or purses are hung from the handle you risk the entire stroller falling over backwards...with baby in it.

tip 4

It might be tempting to let your little one press the buttons and fold the stroller themselves. But adorably cute and tiny fingers are likely to get pinched in the process. Not a task for them quite yet!

Ready to pack light and travel happy? BabyQuip Quality Providers are available and ready to deliver baby strollers right to you in hundreds of locations!


Frequently Asked Questions

Baby Stroller Manufacturers

We know you have several brands to choose from when it comes to renting a safe stroller for your infants and toddlers. Here are some baby stroller manufacturers that Quality Providers offer.

Baby Jogger

At Baby Jogger, not only do they design strollers, but they’re also parents. They feel inspired and energized by creating solutions that allow you to more easily get out into the world and experience it all with your family.

Baby Trend

Baby Trend has distinguished itself among the worldwide leading manufacturers of juvenile products. Throughout their 30 year history, they strive to provide the safest, most reliable products available at an affordable price.


More than two decades ago, BOB’s story began out on the trails of California, when rubber wheels met rugged terrain. A passion for adventure sparked the first steps of BOB’s journey, but families like yours commandeered the wheel - forging your own path somewhere along the way.


Ever since Bugaboo began in 1994, they've taken pride in dreaming up game-changing products. Explore the world around you in unparalleled comfort and unmistakable style. Their strollers are made to lighten your load and turn everyday life into an enjoyable journey.


Chicco was founded in 1958 by an inventor and developer of pharmaceutical devices named Pietro Catelli. After the birth of his son, Mr. Catelli expanded his work into the world of baby products. He dedicated himself to creating better solutions for parents and babies. Since then, Chicco has grown into a global brand with a presence in 120 countries. They offer baby gear, nursing essentials, toys, apparel, shoes, and baby care products.


Trusted for over 60 years, Graco knows that the smallest things can make the biggest difference in taking care of your baby. Graco products are built to assist and enhance the parenting experience, lending every parent a helping hand and peace of mind.

gb Pockit

Luxurious and compact - gb Maris from the Platinum range is the new standard for 3-in-1 travel systems, made for the metropolis. The gb Gold strollers stand out from the crowd due to their versatility, fabulous look, and diverse characters.


Joovy is built and designed to grow with families, not fill up a crowded garage and be outmoded the next time you have another baby. No more throwaway products, no more ugly patterns, and cheap design. We want you to get a Joovy product, and use it until it’s run ragged by the memories you make together as a family.


Maclaren caters to the sophisticated and knowledgeable parent, discerning in style and conscious of the need for quality and safety. With a brand tagline “What a mother wants, What a baby needs”, Maclaren’s brand has met expectations of parents for generations.

Peg Perego

With over 60 years in the industry, Peg Perego is always pushing to develop new and innovative products. Make life easier and reflect Italy's most sophisticated trends. From urban to suburban to rural, from on-the-go features to stylized comfort, there's a product for you, your family and your lifestyle.


UPPAbaby is an innovative American company with one mission: To make high-quality baby products that fit the needs of your new life as a parent while appealing to the sense of style you’ve always had. To do this successfully, UPPAbaby draws on three decades of experience in the juvenile industry and on their own inspirations as parents of young children.