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Meet the Team

Our starting lineup is the perfect mix of entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and technical wizardry. We’re always striving for excellence and we’d love for you to get to know us.

Fran Maier CEO and Founder

“I love BabyQuip because I know how precious it is for families to enjoy their time together and because we help women make some extra money for their own families on our platform. It really reminds me of because we are creating a new category and everyone is so grateful!”

Fran formed BabyQuip (then Babierge) in 2016 with Kerri Couillard who started the business in Santa Fe. Prior to BabyQuip, Fran is best known for her 10+ years leading TRUSTe (now TrustArc), the leading privacy trustmark and solutions provider, and her role as Co-Founder and first General Manager of, the earliest and most successful dating platform. She has been active as an advisor to start-ups, many led by female entrepreneurs, as well as being an angel investor. Fran is a graduate of Stanford University and the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Fran is also an Airbnb “Superhost” in both San Francisco and Santa Fe and has first-hand knowledge of the need for baby gear for traveling families, as well as the importance of personalized service.

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Joe Maier Chief Technology Officer

“Millenials are today’s parents and we love traveling and exploring. I love BabyQuip because it makes it possible for new families to travel to places that would otherwise be too difficult and create new experiences for everyone. It’s also awesome to see our providers take advantage of and work our platform to be entrepreneurial and earn some cash for themselves all while helping others.”

Joe Maier comes to BabyQuip after five years as a technology consultant at Accenture, where he designed and built backend processes and web applications for clients. When not using his creative and analytical mind to better BabyQuip, Joe enjoys playing music with his bands, travelling to new places, and cooking spicy food. Joe holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science, Mathematics and Economics from American University.

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Nicole Kitzman Director of Lead Gen & Community

“BabyQuip is a game-changer for traveling with young children. I rented baby gear for the first time in 2011 (years before BabyQuip existed) when I travelled with my one year old twins. I became slightly obsessed with the idea both as a solution for simplifying travel with young children, but also as a fun and lucrative side gig. In 2014, I launched my own mom and pop baby gear rental business in San Francisco and then again in 2015 when I moved to the DC area. After learning about BabyQuip, I joined as a Quality Provider and was so passionate about our mission, I now work for the company full time.”

Nicole oversees Quality Provider Recruiting, the Quality Provider Community and Customer Lead Generation. Nicole has nearly 20 years of Digital Marketing experience and brings extensive Adwords, Analytics, Account Management and Customer Service knowledge to BabyQuip. Nicole loves the gig economy! In addition to being one of the original BabyQuip QPs, she is also an AirBnB SuperHost and would be doing pet focused gig work too if she had more time. She first rented baby gear back in 2011 when traveling with her young twins. She has been hooked on this business ever since.

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Jennifer Wold Senior Marketing Manager

“BabyQuip is a traveling family’s dream and I love being part of its mission! I remember having to put my infant son in a plastic TSA bin once (when I was traveling/flying by myself). I had to fold down the stroller, which took two hands, and the agents said they could not help me. I was horrified to have to put my precious infant in a plastic bin while I folded the stroller, but had no choice. Everyone around me was staring as if I were the worst mom in the universe. If I knew about baby gear rentals back then I would have rented in a heartbeat. Lugging gear with an infant isn’t fun!”

Jennifer leads the marketing efforts at BabyQuip and is constantly trying to reinvent awesomeness through written copy, visual appeal, creative content, SEO and custom ads. Jennifer is a mom of two boys and knows first hand the struggles of traveling with babies, toddlers and kids. When Jennifer’s head isn’t swimming with new marketing ideas you’ll find her tending to her backyard chickens and practicing meditation.

Ana Vela Operations Manager and Web Developer

“BabyQuip gives families the opportunity to travel while still having the comforts of home. Not only is it a convenience for parents, it also creates a way to earn additional income for stay-at-home parents and other individuals. With so much support and guidance from the platform, it is a great way to learn how to start a business while also solving a problem for traveling families.”

Ana leads the onboarding process for new Quality Providers and makes sure they have the resources and knowledge to begin their new BabyQuip adventure. In her spare time, And enjoys the natural beauty of New Mexico by exploring and finding new hiking trails with her two children and husband.

Kim Connolly Senior Content Creator and Graphic Designer

“BabyQuip is a dream come true for any parent traveling with young children. As a mom to two tiny boys, I couldn’t imagine having to pack all the gear they need when traveling. Plus, it feels great to be supporting local moms and dads working as Quality Providers in whatever city you’re traveling to. It’s such a great service that I know it won’t be long before traveling parents wonder how anyone ever survived without BabyQuip!”

Kim lends her lifelong passion for art and design to everything from printed marketing materials to web graphics. She's also the go-to for social media content thanks to her penchant for words (it's a Gemini thing). She spent 5 years as a graphic designer for Quiksilver and has worked with clients like UCLA, YMCA, and O'Neill, as well as countless musicians and politicians. In her free time, you'll find her fishing with her sons, testing out new recipes or binge-watching something on Bravo.

Kaylee Garcia Recruiting Manager

“I found BabyQuip when my son was two months old and we were taking our first trip via airplane with an infant! Needless to say, I was super nervous about traveling with a baby and had no clue how I was going to accomplish such a task. BabyQuip was a total lifesaver and ever since that trip, I’ve been a supporter of the platform as a customer, Quality Provider, and corporate team member. It’s an invaluable service, a growing brand, and a great company to be part of!”

Kaylee runs QP Recruiting and is a BabyQuip Quality Provider in Washington state! She is a mama to one sweet boy and a new baby girl. Kaylee and her two-year old son have completed over 20 trips via air travel totaling over 40 airplane rides! Kaylee loves sharing travel tips with other parents and enjoys spending time with family, researching baby gear, and exploring the Pacific Northwest.

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Sarah Huff Community and Customer Service Manager

“I love BabyQuip’s goal of making family travel as stress-free as possible! BabyQuip also supports and encourages entrepreneurship, and has allowed me to run and grow a business I am passionate about, while also supporting my family. I am so thankful for the opportunities BabyQuip has provided me and others like me.”

Sarah manages the ever growing Quality Provider Community by providing real-time support to Quality Providers, maintaining superb brand image through quality control and customer troubleshooting. Sarah also oversees customer service and support. Sarah is an original BQ Quality Provider, with a background in Business Administration and Psychology. When she’s not chasing her tiny boy gang around, she’s soaking up the California sunshine.

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BabyQuip Advisors

Randi Zuckerberg Founder & CEO of Zuckerberg Media

"I've recently become a mom of three and we're going on our first trip as a family of five over the holidays! BabyQuip will make traveling with my tribe 10X easier because we won't have to lug another 10 suitcases of baby gear! Happy Holidays to me!”

Randi is an entrepreneur, investor, best selling author and Emmy-nominated tech media personality. She is the founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media, with the mission of supporting current and future entrepreneurs through investment, mentorship and media. Prior to founding her own company, Randi was an early employee at Facebook, where she is best known for creating Facebook Live, now used by more than a billion people around the world.

A Harvard graduate, Randi hosts a weekly business talk radio show, Dot Complicated on SiriusXM and is the author of four books: two best-selling business books, Dot Complicated and Pick Three, and two children’s books, Dot (currently also an award-winning preschool television series on Universal Kids and Hulu) and Missy President.

Randi travels the world, speaking about technology, entrepreneurship, her time in Silicon Valley and to unplug! When she's not Facebooking or actual written-word booking, she can be found at the theater—as a two-time Tony Award winning Broadway producer of Hadestown and Oklahoma!—or doing her best to unplug at home with her husband and three children.

Anna Zornosa Founder Ruby Ribbon Inc.

"BabyQuip expands the opportunity for family travel by solving the question of how a great Airbnb (or friend's apartment, or hotel special deal) can be made baby-ready. I'm thrilled to be part of a venture creating such an important new service."

Anna founded Ruby Ribbon, a company creating a powerful brand, thousands of jobs for women and a fanatical customer base by offering technology-powered entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell its unique products through pop-up retail events. Ruby Ribbon had its first sales events in late 2012, and now has over 3800 representatives in all 50 states. She believes passionately in supporting entrepreneurs, and has served as an Advisor to companies including BabyQuip, Motista, Inc, and Chloe & Isabel.

Alexander Adell Founder of, &

"I found out about BabyQuip from their customers. Every time I traveled with my daughter, strangers would tell me to try it, and once I did, I understood why. BabyQuip removes the two greatest challenges of traveling with kids—hauling heavy gear around, and trying to adjust to living without the rest of the gear you left behind (like a crib, high chair, stroller, etc.). As a repeat customer I wouldn't consider traveling without it. Fran Maier has built an incredible company that provides a magically seamless service that has allowed my family to travel more. As an investor I have been continually impressed with the BabyQuip team's ability to form premium partnerships and to grow the business across the country."

Alexander is an investor at Adri Capital and founder of, and

Darrell Mockus CTO/CIO of The Myers-Briggs Company

"As a frequent traveler and father of a young child, I immediately recognized the value of having access to necessary baby gear when, and where, you need it. I was sold instantly when I tried the service and realized BabyQuip had perfectly executed the concept."

Darrell is currently the CTO/CIO of The Myers-Briggs Company's Innovation Labs. Previously, Darrell was a CTO in Samsung’s Open Innovation Center and the CTO and co-founder of Utique where he led the development of an advanced automated retail machine and supporting backend software system from concept to mass production. He was formerly the Director of Engineering at Live Nation and one of the original software engineers that helped build He is a published author and has eight patents. He also sits on the board of directors for Girls in Tech, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting women in technology and entrepreneurship. Mr. Mockus received his B.S. in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Justine Young Gottshall Partner InfoLawGroup LLP

“As a working mother of three myself, I am proud to work with a fast-growing company that is endeavoring to make travel with children the pleasant and fun experience it is meant to be. Anything that assists harried parents devoting time to the quality moments of raising children, not the mechanics, is a winning idea and business.”

Justine is a partner with InfoLawGroup and is often regarded as a privacy law pioneer who helped crate paradigms used widely throughout the industry today. She has been widely recognized for her work in privacy, technology and digital advertising and marketing matters. She was named to 5 Women in IT Security: Women to Watch (SC Magazine, 2015) to “Chicago 40 under 40 (Chicago Publishing, 2007) and she has been recognized annually by Chambers for several years in the areas of privacy and data security (national) and media and entertainment (Illinois). In addition to advising BabyQuip, Justine serves on the Stanford Women on Boards and the leadership team for Executive Women in Privacy.

Sara Schaer CEO Kango

"As a fellow parent and founder of a transportation service for busy families, I know how much help modern parents need! I love that BabyQuip serves parents traveling with young children, at a time that can be tiring and stressful, but is meant to be enjoyed and to create lasting happy memories. I'm also pleased that BabyQuip increases utilization of baby gear and equipment, thereby reducing consumer waste."

Sara is the co-founder and CEO of Kango, an award-winning, app-based ride and childcare service for busy families. Schaer is a Silicon Valley veteran who helped grow the Snapfish global product team from a team of two product managers through the company’s acquisition by HP in 2005. Previously, Schaer worked as a senior consultant for Accenture and as a product manager for InsWeb (later sold to Bankrate) through its IPO. Schaer received a B.A. in Political Science from Stanford University and an MBA from ESSEC Business School in Paris, France. Schaer currently resides in San Francisco with her husband and two sons. In her free time, she is an avid traveler and volunteer mentor at Technovation, an organization which encourages STEM learning in young women.

Gary Kremen Vice Chairperson, Delta Conveyance Finance Authority

Gary Kremen is the Vice Chairperson and executive board member of Delta Conveyance Finance Authority. He is an American engineer and entrepreneur who co-founded online dating in the early 90’s. Gary is also the founder of Clean Power Finance, and is a board member of the Santa Clara Valley Water District. Since 1993, Kremen has been an angel investor in over 100 companies—several of which have gone public or have had liquidity events.

Donna Boyer

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