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BabyQuip Quality Providers Have Made Over 32,000 Full Bellies Possible. Not much is cuter than an adorable messy face! Babies love to get messy with their food which is why we offer feeding solutions while traveling. Renting a high chair or booster seat gets parents out of lap duty making for a cleaner and less stressful eating experience.




Mealtime Solution Pricing: High Chairs, Booster Seats, Feeding Sets and more!

BabyQuip Independent Quality Providers offer safe and insured mealtime solutions for traveling families, and local grandparents hosting grandchildren, in hundreds of locations across the US & Canada. From portable high chairs and bumbos to sterilizers and bottle warmers, prices reasonably range from $3 - $12 per day.


Mealtime Solutions Available to Rent

  • Booster Seats
  • Bumbo Seats
  • High Chairs
  • Boppy Pillows
  • Feeding Sets
  • Bottle Warmers
  • Steam Sterilizer
  • Convertible High Chairs
  • Silicone Placemats
  • Bibs
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Bottle Brushes

Types of High Chairs

Give yourself the freedom to eat with two hands. Whether you’re a parent traveling to a vacation rental or a grandparent having a grandchild comes to visit, renting a high chair or booster seat will free up your hands and allow you to eat like an adult! It also gives baby the independence to eat on their own. Since it’s a difficult and somewhat messy activity to feed baby sitting on your lap, here are the best solutions to avoid the mess!

Traditional High Chairs

If you have the luxury of a full-sized dining room during your next family visit or vacation getaway, rent a traditional high chair. These chairs are big, practical and comfortable for baby. They typically have a removable tray for easy clean up and adjustable seat positioning. Built on a sturdy base, they have five-point harnesses and can support a child up to 40 pounds or 18 kilograms.

Folding High Chairs

If space is an issue, a folding high chair may just be the solution you need. You can set it up for mealtime and fold it down for easy compact storage during the rest of the day. Folding high chairs have all the amenities of a traditional high chair with a little less bulk because they are easy to store. They are made for babies and children six months to five years of age. Weight limit is 50 pounds or 23 kilograms.

Contemporary High Chairs

These chairs not only look modern and sleek but are also a breeze to clean. Without padding, cushions or crevices to get food stuck in, you don’t have to worry about lengthy clean up. Just wipe and go. These chairs are designed for babies 6 months and older who are able to sit independently. They sport a safe five-point harness.

Convertible High Chairs

This style is perfect when you aren’t certain which chair to choose. This 3-in-1 design is great for the different stages of baby’s development. A convertible high chair can support children up to 40 pounds or 18 kilograms and comes complete with a safety restraint system. Ideal for use to grow with your child from the infant stage to early childhood.

Booster Seats

Independent toddlers seeking a solution different from a high chair can safely use a booster seat. Booster seats have adjustable straps to harness the seat to a sturdy dining chair. They feature a three-point buckle that holds a little one securely in place. Boosters often come with a removable tray These seats are suitable for babies older than 12 months and less than 50 pounds or 23 kilograms.

Bumbo Seats

This one-piece seat solution is made of low density foam and is easy to clean. It’s made for babies who are just learning to sit and who are less than 15 months old. It may be tempting to use a bumbo seat on the kitchen counter or table but it is simply not safe. This seat is meant to be used on the floor. This prevents tipping over and falling from a high surface. Bumbos come with a seat belt/strap and a removable play/feeding tray.


Clean, Safe & Insured Baby Equipment:

Quality Providers are required to complete extensive training on equipment safety before they begin renting baby gear. They are taught how to properly clean items to ensure every family is able to experience safe and spotless items. Unlike most baby gear rental companies, BabyQuip carries insurance covering your entire rental experience making us the safest choice for you and your little one.

Things to Consider When Renting Mealtime Gear

Weight - Full sized high chairs can weigh upwards of 30 pounds or 14 kilograms. Make sure you can easily move it without hurting yourself. Bonus: Your Quality Provider will set it up for you (where ever you want/need it) and will teach you how to properly use it!

Space Limitations - Predetermining how much table space you have at your hotel, Airbnb or private residence can help you decide which to choose. If you only have a small table that seats four choose a full sized high chair so baby doesn’t take up table space.

Size of Baby - Babies come in a lot of shapes and sizes! Choose a high chair with the appropriate height and weight specifications for your baby. If you are unsure, ask your Quality Provider about the brands and options they provide.

High Chair Safety Tips for Baby

tip 1

Always use buckles, straps and locks to keep baby safe and properly restrained.

tip 2

To avoid pinched fingers, don’t let baby help collapse a folding high chair.

tip 3

When in use, keep the high chair far enough away from walls and tables so baby’s legs can’t push off and tip it over.

tip 4

Never leave baby unattended or alone.

Ready to pack light and travel happy? BabyQuip Quality Providers are available and ready to bring mealtime solutions your way in hundreds of locations.


Frequently Asked Questions

High Chair Manufacturers

We know you have several brands to choose from when it comes to getting a high chair for your little one. Here are some manufacturers to take a look at:


Graco highchairs are designed to help make the most out of mealtime throughout the different stages of baby’s life. Many Graco highchairs are designed to grow with baby in multiple, innovative ways.


Joovy products are designed to grow with families. When you invest in a Joovy product, you’ll use it until it’s been run ragged by the memories you make together as a family.


Nothing is more important than the safety, wellbeing and development of your children. Evenflo works persistently to innovate and deliver the best-in-class infant care and juvenile products. The Evenflo Company’s goal is, and has been since the beginning, to be a partner to parents.

Peg Perego

The Perego Family has been around since 1949. After 60 years of making carriages, strollers, car seats, high chairs and kid-sized riding toys, Peg Perego is known for designing products to meet needs. Every step in the process, from engineering, to production, to shipping, is performed by Peg Perego and no one else—ensuring their customers get top quality products.