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BabyQuip Quality Providers have made over 400,000 Playful Hours Possible. Sticking to a familiar playtime routine or literary schedule while traveling helps young children feel relaxed and more comfortable. Does your toddler play with specific toys that aren’t convenient to pack or travel with? Or do you always read your kids a story as part of the bedtime routine? Book and toy packages make for very fun playtime on happy family vacations!




Toy Pricing: Books, Toys, Games, Activity Mats, Jumperoos and Much More!

BabyQuip Independent Quality Providers offer safe and insured playtime solutions for traveling families, and local grandparents hosting grandchildren, in hundreds of locations across the US & Canada. From books and games to musical instruments and play yards, prices reasonably range from $3 - $25 per day.


Playtime Solutions Available to Rent

  • Books
  • Games
  • Walkers
  • Activity Mats
  • Musical Instruments
  • Jumperoos
  • Ride-On Toys
  • Play Yards
  • Party Packages
  • Playhouses & Tents
  • Dolls
  • Trains
  • Legos
  • Sports Equipment

Benefits of Playtime

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics children grow emotionally, cognitively, physically and socially during playtime. It helps kids develop crucial problem solving skills and can bring their imaginations to life. It’s an outlet for babies, toddlers and children alike that shouldn’t be overlooked during travel.

Things to Consider When Renting Toys

Activity Level - Consider your little one’s level of activity when searching through the list of toy offerings. Do they stay occupied for a long time with one activity or do they need many forms of stimulation? If you plan accordingly, they will stay entertained for hours!

Age Range - Rent individual play mats or soft toys for babies who can’t yet crawl and consider complete toy boxes and packages for toddlers and small children who need more options. Does the child love to read or look through picture books? If so, rent a stack of engaging books.

Multiple Children - Are you hosting a family gathering? Do you have multiple small children? If so, toy packages or larger play items are best (if you have the space). Consider a playhouse, fort and tunnel combo, a bin of Legos or a doll package. In other words, have enough items to entertain all of the kiddos!

Space Limitations - Will you be staying in a small hotel room, renting a full-sized house through Airbnb or HomeAway, or overnighting at a relative’s house? Keep in mind how much space you have for the toys you want to rent. Quality Providers offer a wide range of packages to suit every family’s playtime needs - big or small.

Seasons - BabyQuip QPs are very creative! They create all kinds of different packages for local activities and seasonal and holiday play. Check to see if the QP in your area offers packages that coordinate with a holiday or season that is happening during your trip.

Indoor Toys vs. Outdoor Toys - Toys aren’t just for the indoors! If grandkids are coming to visit and the weather is nice, rent outdoor toys like a wheely bug or a toddler basketball hoop. Everyone gets fresh air and burns off energy which is great for a good night’s sleep!

Clean, Safe & Insured Baby Equipment:

Quality Providers are required to complete extensive training on equipment safety before they begin renting baby gear. They are taught how to properly clean items to ensure every family is able to experience safe and spotless items. Unlike most baby gear rental companies, BabyQuip carries insurance covering your entire rental experience making us the safest choice for you and your little one.

Toys Safety Tips for Babies

tip 1

Choose age appropriate toys. Children under age 3 should not be allowed toys or parts less than 1 1/4 inches in diameter and 2 1/4 inches in length.

tip 2

Do not allow children under eight years of age play with balloons. Uninflated and deflated balloons are a choking and a suffocation hazard.

tip 3

Be cautious with electronic toys with disc batteries and/or magnets. They are a swallowing hazard.

tip 4

If you store toys in a toy box, choose one without a lid or one with a lightweight, non-locking lid and ventilation holes.

Ready to pack light and travel happy? Quality Providers are available and ready to bring toys your way in hundreds of locations.


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