10 Best Gifts for the Traveling Mom

Delight the jet-setting mom in your life with unique, thoughtful and useful gifts this Mother’s Day. It’s likely you won’t find these gifts on other lists as we’ve scoured the internet for the best travel gifts for mom! Prepare yourself for the biggest Mother’s Day hug ever!

Best gift to rest in comfort.

best gift for traveling mom - infinity pillow

There is nothing worse than not being able to get some much needed shut-eye on a long flight or even on a road trip for that matter. Guess what? The Infinity Pillow solves the problem, and comes in six stylish colors nonetheless! We LOVE this product!

We’ve all seen a tired traveler lugging a full sized pillow to catch a flight or picking up their fallen neck pillow from the dirty airport floor. The infinity pillow (worn like an infinity scarf) is a super cozy scarf + pillow combo. You can wear it in a bunch of different ways to make getting comfortable easier! Traveling moms love comfort and style. It’s a win, win.

Price: $39.99

Bonus: The soft breathable bamboo fabric will feel great on mom’s skin!

‘Land That I Love’ traveling mom scratch map gift.

scratch off map for mom gift
image courtesy of Kuulys

Etsy is an incredible place to find unique gifts and this ‘Scratch Your Travels’ map is seriously one of the cutest travel themed gifts ever! Kuulys shop owner Alyssa out of Tucson, Arizona makes adorable bucket list maps of all kinds. Think of it as a scratch off lottery ticket for your travels! Once you visit New York, use a coin to scratch off the state of NY on the map and reveal a cute pattern underneath! While you aren’t going to win any money from scratching this map, you will score some super fun home decor…and what mom doesn’t want that?! Traveler or not.

Price: US Map – $20.99

Bonus: Since this map is super budget friendly, consider getting mom a travel journal from Kuulys too! She’ll love jotting down all of the fun travel memories she makes with the extra gift.

There’s my suitcase! Travel luggage tags for mom.

best luggage tag gift for mom who loves to travel
image courtesy of Melanie & Scotty Fletcher

While we’re on the topic of Etsy, there’s one more stand out in terms of travel themed gifts. Melanie & Scotty Fletcher, owners of LetterandLeather, hit it out of the park with their handmade leather luggage tags. They have super fun designs that mom is going to seriously LOVE! No more picking up the wrong suitcase at baggage claim—mom will know exactly which bag is hers.

Handmade gifts like these luggage tags are extra special because you get to customize them specifically to the likes of mom! Pick her favorite color and Melanie & Scotty will get to work cutting, stamping, stitching, and assembling the tag.

Price: $4.75 – What? Seriously, jump all over this.

Bonus: LetterandLeather has 871 five-star reviews so you know this is a quality product!

Sexy momma. Traveling moms need trendy sunglasses.

sunglasses from sunglass garage. great gift for mom

If you’re this far on our best travel gifts for mom list and don’t see anything that fits her style yet, you should definitely stop here and look at Sunglass Garage. Sometimes moms are hard to buy for and sunglasses are the perfect solution. You can never have too many pairs of shades! Plus, moms need to rock different styles for all different occasions (even during travel), making sunglasses the best gift for any jet-setting mom.

Sunglass Garage has the hottest and trendiest sunglasses that will fit any style or lifestyle. From aviators and wayfarers to athletic and floatables, sunglasses are great for the travel bug in your life.

Price: Prices range from $60 – $475

Bonus: Our friends at Sunglass Garage are giving you a killer discount! Use code BABYQUIPVIP for 20% off orders over $49. Free shipping in the US.

Step it up! Mom’s who travel need this step tracker.

motiv ring - best mom gift
image courtesy of Motiv Ring

The old saying ‘little things come in small packages’ definitely applies to this reinvented activity tracker from Motiv. The Motive Ring has all of the fitness tracking capability of typical watch or bracelet versions all bundled into a sleek, minimalist ring. The three-day battery life is super convenient, especially while traveling, and is comfortable enough to wear 24/7.

Sightseeing, excursions and other travel activities typically require a ton of walking. 30k steps? Easy, peasy when you’re on the go for an entire day! Give mom bragging rights with this awesome gift!

Price: $199

Bonus: Free shipping. iOS + Android compatible. Comes with a 1 year warranty and a 45-day guarantee.

The price of packing. Frequent traveler luggage scale.

tarriss luggage scale - gift for mom
image courtesy of Tarriss

“Honey, how much do you think this bag weighs?” You know you’ve asked your significant other this very question in a packing frenzy the night before a big trip. We all know that heavy bags = beaucoup bucks on most airlines. Find out exactly how much your bag weighs to avoid unnecessary baggage fees with a super handy Digital Luggage Scale by Tarriss. (Yes, it may be wise to take the extra three pairs of shoes out of the suitcase, Jessica!)

The scale is lightweight and easily toggles between kilograms and pounds. It’s also small enough to pack so you know how much those extra souvenirs you bought are going to run you. The scale tops out at 110 lbs, but seriously, if your bag weighs that much you probably need packing therapy. Less is more people!

Price: $14.97

Bonus: Tarriss is so confident you’ll love your scale that they offer a no-hassle guarantee and lifetime warranty!

Get your socks on! Compression socks for travel.

best gift for traveling mom - compression socks, crazy compression
images courtesy of Crazy Compression

These aren’t just any socks. Crazy Compression makes the coolest compression socks ever! The stylish designs will keep mom’s legs happy, healthy and ache-free while traveling. They are far from the stereotypical blah, boring, beige old person socks. Made with 15-20mmhg true graduated compression and lightweight micro nylon, these cute socks are a great way to make sure legs of any age are getting the love they need. We are squealing with joy that these socks are made in the USA! Yay!

Price: $30 per pair

Bonus: Check the daily deals page on the Crazy Compression site for discounts and deals!

A plug for us! BabyQuip gift card for the travel loving mom.

gift for traveling mom - babyquip gift card

Sometimes gift cards make the best gifts! We have to toot our own horn when it comes to best travel themed gifts for mom here. With a BabyQuip gift card, mom won’t have to worry about packing everything baby needs on her next getaway. She’ll appreciate the stress-free travel experience and not having to haul bulky baby gear.

BabyQuip delivers and sets up clean, safe and insured baby equipment in hundreds of destinations across the US and Canada. Quality providers will meet mom (and family) at hotels, Airbnbs, private residences or even the airport! Mom is going to smooch your face for this gift. Happy adventures are awaiting. You can’t go wrong.

Price: Choose any denomination you wish. Most 3-4 day rentals are $150 so that’s a safe amount!

Bonus: Use code LOVEYOUMOM at checkout to get $20 off your order of $100 or more!

You ate what? Travel food container.

on the go container gift for mom
images courtesy of UncommonGoods

Gourmet or healthy food choices aren’t always available while en route to a destination. Mom doesn’t need to settle for greasy fried food. With the Ultimate To-Go Container from UncommonGoods, her next meal can be a delicious homemade one of her choice. We love the BPA-free plastic, built-in vent and a reusable ice pack for keeping food chilled. There’s even a ‘no-spills allowed’ salad dressing tube nestled in the compartmentalized container. Silverware? Still got you covered. Mom is going to thank you big time for this thoughtful and useful gift. While you’re at it, you might want to get one for every member of the family!

Price: $15

Bonus: Secret sales are only announced to their email subscribers, so make sure to sign up!

Pack your bags. Travel packing cubes—perfect for mom.

packing cube gift for mom for mother's day
image courtesy of eBags

Packing is often a challenge, and a jumbled mess if security happens to rummage through your bag. If you add kids to the mix, packing cubes are a serious life-saver! Mom will love these Ultralight Packing Cubes by eBags. Each cube is made with nylon fabric with a mesh top for breathability and easy visibility. No need to unzip every cube to see where your items are hiding! The cubes come in all sorts of styles, sizes and arrangements to fit any suitcase, carry-on or backpack. Mom will love this travel themed gift.

Price: eBags travel cubes reasonably range from $7 – $70.

Bonus: Sign up for their email list to receive 25% off your first order! There are also several discount codes listed on the top of their site.

Hit us with your ideas for the best or most unique Mother’s Day gifts for the travel loving mom! Comment below.

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