Travel Tips for Expecting Moms

The type of travel an expecting mom is embarking on will have a direct effect on what types of tips or precautions she should follow. Regardless, it’s a good time for expecting moms to get in a final baby-free getaway, because pretty soon travel with baby in tow will be a whole different ballgame! Whether road tripping, traveling by air, or indulging in a much needed babymoon, be sure to consider the following tips before heading out on your next pregnant lady adventure!

1. Plan travel wisely during pregnancy!

pregnant woman holding airplane

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists the best time for an expectant mom to travel is between 14 and 28 weeks. Prior to 12 weeks, many pregnant women experience nausea which would make travel during this time frame less than ideal. After 28 weeks the risk of pre-term labor is a reality, so being close to home and your pediatrician is recommended.

2. Find out airline policies for expecting moms.

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If you are taking a flight to your destination, be sure to check with the airline to see what their policies are regarding pregnant travel. Many airlines restrict travel after 36 weeks due to the risk of an onboard delivery. Some international airlines restrict travel after 32 weeks if you are pregnant with multiples. Be sure to check with your specific airline to avoid any surprises once you arrive at the airport!

3. Plan airplane seating that’s best for expecting moms.

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If you’re flying, try to book an aisle seat! This will allow you to easily get up and stretch, and give you easy access to the bathroom. Better yet, try to get a bulkhead seat, for extra legroom. If you are on a road trip, be sure to either be the driver, if you are up to it, or sit in the passenger seat, as the backseat can lead to additional motion sickness on top of pregnancy nausea.

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4. Stay active but be safe.

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When planning travel keep in mind that certain (fairly obvious) activities are off the table. Consider scuba diving, skydiving, skiing and snowboarding off the table. These high risk activities could potentially put the baby at risk. Just because certain high risk activities are a no-no during pregnancy, physical activity is still an option of course! Don’t shy away from a nature walk or a sightseeing walking tour. Keeping active is good for baby and mama!

5. Staying hydrated is important for expecting moms!

Expecting moms should be mindful to stay hydrated during travel. This is even more crucial when flying since the recirculated cabin air can easily lead to dehydration. Also avoid carbonated beverage as they can lead to water retention and stomach bloating causing discomfort. Be sure to also pack a few healthy snacks into your carry-on bag, especially if you have morning sickness. At least you will rest easy knowing that you have snacks that you can tolerate while flying.

6. Pack or have immediate access to your medical records!

expecting woman packing for a trip

Consider packing your pregnancy medical records and a release to travel from your doctor. These documents could be handy if needed when flying. Should you have to see a doctor once you’ve arrived at your travel destination, you will have all of the pertinent details on hand! Also, always carry your medical insurance with you so that it is readily available if any medical issues should arise.

7. Know where the nearest hospitals are located.


Be sure to know where the nearest hospitals are along your journey if you are road tripping. If you are flying make sure you have the details to the hospital closest to your destination hotel or vacation home. If you are on a cruise ship, make sure you know where the medical staff is located.

8. Have fun and enjoy yourself!

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This is the most important tip to keep in mind for expecting moms when traveling! Enjoy the moment and relish in the ability to travel lightly and carefree. These travels will be the last time you travel fairly empty handed before baby arrives. However once your precious newborn arrives and you embark on travel adventures with little ones, leave all the heavy baby gear at home and consider renting all the essentials from BabyQuip. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made…aside from the decision to have your little bundle of joy!

If you have any travel tips for expecting moms, please let us know in the comments below!


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