12 Essential Baby Registry Must Haves

Whether you’re a mama-to-be, dada-to-be or you’re shopping for parents-to-be, it can be overwhelming to try and figure out what baby registry items are essential (and actually useful!) for welcoming a new baby.

We’ve rallied our troops, all 500 Quality Providers in the US and Canada, to get a list of 12 essential baby registry must haves. We know the big stuff is easy to remember to purchase before your little one arrives (baby needs a car seat and crib to sleep in, amiright?); so we’ve focused on some of the items you may not know you need until it’s 3AM and all the stores are closed! Happy shopping!

RockerMama: Portable Rocking Chair

rockermama portable rocking chair
image courtesy of RockerMama

We’ll start our baby registry list off with a new take on the traditional rocking chair, the RockerMama. This awesome and innovation product allows you to rock baby anywhere, anytime. It’s completely portable so you can take it from room to room and gathering to gathering! This is perfect for apartment living too. No need to register for a ginormous rocking chair and ottoman! 

Sleep sacks and swaddles are essential! Put these on your registry.

baby wrapped in a swaddle blanket

If you’re a first time parent, you may not realize how necessary these are. So trust us, they are! Sleep sacks and swaddle blankets help baby feel cuddled and cozy while they sleep, so mom and dad can sleep too. There are lots of options on the market but a few go tos are: the Halo Sleep Sack, the Nested Bean, and the Love to Dream.

You can also go the swaddle blanket route and learn how to swaddle baby! Swaddles are a great option because they are versatile too: blankets, swaddles for bedtime and naptime, burp cloths when you can’t find an actual one, nursing covers, and more! We love Aden+Anais muslin swaddles. The prints are so adorable!

Nose Frida for boogies and snot and congestion, oh my!

mom using nose frida on her baby daughter

Welcome to parenthood! It means lots of boogers, snot and phlegm. Infants and babies tend to have a lot of mucus in their nasal passages and they usually don’t know how to clear it on their own. You can help by using the Nose Frida! It’s a safe and easy way to remove boogers and mucus from baby’s nose; and it was doctor invented! You all will breath easy after using the Nose Frida.

Shushers and white noise machines make great baby registry gifts.

sound machine on a table near a baby crib
image courtesy of BabyQuip Quality Provider Melanie Cox

When baby was in mommy’s tummy, there was constant and loud noise. Mommy’s heartbeat, the sound of water, dad’s mumbling voice. So baby loves noise, especially when they sleep. With that said, sound machines are definitely a registry must have. There are lots of styles and models to choose from; most will come with a “white noise” option that is definitely a baby soother. You can always get really fancy with the Hatch! It connects to an app on your phone and has a night light! And don’t forget to rent a sound machine when you’re traveling to make sure baby sleeps well even when you’re not at home.

Prevent scratches on baby (and yourself!) with a nail file.

image courtesy of Aditya Romansa

We’re sure there’s some sort of scientific reason why babies nails grow so fast and so long. Regardless, it happens and it can be painful! We recommend adding the Zoli Buzz B to your registry so you can prevent baby from scratching themselves and from scratching you! This is a safe tool that gently files nails instead of cutting them. Phew! No scary clipper moments needed! If you choose to go the clipper route, clip carefully!!

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Register for more diapers.

add extra diapers to your baby registry

Whether you plan on using disposable or cloth, you probably already have diapers on your registry, but this is your friendly reminder to register for more and for larger sizes. Babies grow so fast and it’s wise to have larger sizes already on hand before the baby comes home. This way you don’t have middle of the night blow outs because baby grew out of newborn size too fast! 

Diaper pails contain dirty diaper smell really well!

diaper pail filled with dirty diapers

Since we are on the topic on diapers, we highly recommend adding a diaper pail to your baby registry. Make that two or three diaper pails. You can’t imagine how many diapers you’ll go through in a day! It is so nice to have a diaper pail in each room so you aren’t carrying stinky diapers all over the place! Plus your hands will be full of baby. We love the Dekor and Ubbi. PS: don’t forget to purchase or register for bag refills if you opt for a model that requires those!

Be prepared for late night shopping while feeding. Add an Amazon gift card to your baby registry.

best baby registry gift is amazon gift card

You’ll be spending a lot of time feeding late at night and thinking about what you need from the store, what groceries you’re out of, if you need more toilet paper, or what baby device might make tomorrow go a little smoother than today. For these late night shopping sprees, register for Amazon gift cards (and sign up for Amazon Prime if you aren’t a member already). It makes life with a newborn so much easier! If you’re out of toilet paper or laundry soap or shampoo, use a gift card to purchase those necessities so you can avoid the grocery store. If you’re shopping for parents-to-be, throw in a $25 Amazon gift card even if they didn’t register for it. They’ll thank you later.

Go hands free with baby slings and baby carriers.

putting a baby sling or carrier on your baby registry is a good idea

Yes, you’ll be spending a lot of time holding baby. But when you can, put baby in a carrier so you can feed yourself, clean up a bit, or talk on the phone. Most carriers allow you to put baby in the front or back; but check the age and weight guidelines for proper use. Our Quality Provider community highly recommends Ergo carriers. They have tons of styles to choose from. You can also go for a wrap or sling type carrier like Baby K’Tan. Either way, having some “hands free” time while baby is feeling safe and secure is a total parenting win.

Rub a dub dub…you’ll need a tub on your baby registry.

mom washing baby in a baby bathtub

Bathing a newborn can be tricky. It’s an all hands on deck situation and even then, you may end up with water and soap all over the place! So definitely make sure to register for an infant/baby bath tub; the sink alone won’t cut it just yet (wait until they can sit up!). We love the Skip Hop tub because it grows with baby! You can use it up to 25 pounds. Bonus: there are matching tub accessories to put on your baby registry too!

Register for nursing covers (for the nursing mama).

Image by bule from Pixabay

Nurslings are easily distracted while feeding and let’s be real, you’ll most definitely be feeding out and about with lots of distractions around you! Add a Milk Snob multi-functional nursing cover and car seat cover to your baby registry and you’ll be all set for on-the-go feedings! These covers are super soft, have the cutest prints, and can be used on highchairs, car seats, shopping carts and more!

For awake time, add a Boppy lounge chair to your baby registry list.

image courtesy of Boppy

The last (but certainly not least) baby registry item on our list is the Boppy newborn lounger. This cozy and comfy pillow is designed specifically for baby to lounge in when awake* while you coo and awww at her or him! It has a recessed pillow that supports baby perfectly and is machine washable too! So set baby down, turn on some music, dance a little, clean a little and entertain baby while they lounge happily in their Boppy! PS: make sure to check out all the other great items Boppy offers.

*Please note that the Boppy Newborn Lounger should never be used for sleeping or tummy time.

That’s a wrap folks! But we want to hear from you! What are some of your go to registry items or gifts for new parents? Comment here!


  1. Kinsley Earl

    July 17, 2019 at 11:10 pm

    Great suggestions! I absolutely loved the Boppy loungers – I bought two of them, to leave in different rooms. My LO did NOT like constraints, from Day One, so wraps and slings were useless for us. These loungers gave me a hands-free way to keep the baby nearby! Admittedly they are only safe until a baby can roll over, but they were a lifesaver for those first few months!

  2. Juliana

    July 17, 2019 at 10:53 am

    Yes to the white noise machine! All three of my kiddos slept with one and it is a life saver. The rocker mama looks so cool.

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