7 Unique and Memorable, Family-Friendly Attractions in Maui

More aloha anyone? Who doesn’t love a Hawaiian vacation? We sure do! Let’s be real, regardless of which island you land on, you’re going to have an amazing time. But we wanted to take a closer look and find unique and unusual things to do and attractions in Maui; specifically on “The Valley Isle”.

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While we definitely encourage you to do all the traditional touristy stuff like: visit Lahaina, watch a Luau, snorkel, visit Haleakalā National Park, spend time at Whalers Park and Ka’anapali Beach, and of course…soak up plenty of sunshine and beach time; we also think you should add these lesser-known attractions in Maui and “things to do” to your itinerary! They are perfect for kids of all ages (that includes mom and dad!) and you’ll be thrilled to experience some of what Maui locals love about the island.

So here you have it! Seven unique, special, and off-the-beaten-path Maui attractions you should definitely add to your “must do” list!

Take a behind the scenes tour of Maui Ocean Center.

sea turtles in maui

You’re right. Visiting Maui Ocean Center is a pretty popular decision by most tourists. But, why not step it up a notch and schedule a behind-the-scenes tour? You’ll get up close and personal with lots of their animals and even get to assist with a feeding! This tour is perfect for ages 5 and up; you’ll definitely want to make reservations because space is limited.

Food trucks, Maui style.

food trucks in maui

Apparently Maui has a TON of food trucks. So you’re bound to run into some throughout your trip. We found a hot spot of food trucks at a surprising location…Costco! Yep! If you’re heading to the Maui Costco to stock up for your week long, Airbnb stay, we recommend that you go hungry and have lunch at one of the many food trucks that park there. Here’s a list of food trucks you’ve got to try; make sure to follow them on social media or head to their website to see where they’ll be each day.

Smell the lavender!

little girls in maui lavender field

The Ali’l Kula Lavender Farm in Maui is breathtaking. It’s located in Kula which is in the middle of the island (the Upcountry Region), so you’ll have to drive there if you’re staying in one of the main beach areas. It isn’t lesser known Maui attraction but we promise it is worth it! There are both guided and self-guided tours; and there’s even a Lavender Treasure Hunt that the kids will love! If you’re going to take a walking tour, make sure to bring a front pack or stroller. You can also book a cart tour if folks aren’t up for the walk. Check out the gift shop for fun souvenirs!

Check out all the Maui farms.

boy feeding goat at goat farm in maui

Liza Pierce, Maui mommy blogger of A Maui Blog, says, “I suggest visiting farms. There are many wonderful farms to visit on Maui. One suggestion is the Surfing Goat Dairy. It is great fun for all ages! Animal lovers will love their tours of the dairy farm. These goats are entertaining to watch, and you can feed them. Check out their website for the schedule of tours; when you go late in the afternoon, you can join the evening chores tour where you can milk the goats too! There are delicious samples of their fresh goat cheeses you can enjoy.” Yum! Follow Liza on Instagram for more local Maui insights.

See the sea turtles.

sea turtles on the beach

The Ho’okipa Beach Park is home to “beached” turtles – don’t worry, they aren’t hurt or anything; they are just enjoying the beach! They are awesome to see and there are sometimes even hundreds on the beach. Not only can you visit the turtles, but you can also watch surfers catch some waves, play in the ocean, and relax on the sand.

Take part in traditional body art and get some henna!

little boy with henna tattoo

Henna is a form of traditional tattoo body art that is rich in cultural significance across the Hawaiian islands. It’s all natural and temporary, so it won’t do you or the kiddos any harm. If you’re traveling with extended family, we guarantee all the cousins will love getting matching henna. This is a great list of the best henna shops on Maui.

Top off your trip with a visit to Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop, in Lahaina.

little girl with pie from pie shop

Honestly, we don’t need to say much about Leoda’s; just take a look at their website or social media and you’ll know why we recommend it! Leoda’s is known for their pies, but they have a full menu of delicious meals, including savory pies and handhelds! The Macnut Chocolate Pie and the Olowalu Lime are must haves.

We hope you enjoy these lesser known, kid-friendly and unique experiences and attractions in Maui! Make sure to take pictures if you’re visiting one of our recommendations and tag us in social media so we can see your fun Maui adventures!

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