Eco-Friendly Baby Products

Let’s be honest. Babies require a lot of stuff. Diapers, toys, blankies, onesies, cribs, and more! And sometimes you only use items once or twice! We wanted to learn more about eco-friendly baby products we could use for babies, toddlers and kiddos to help minimize our impact on the environment.

After all, if baby comes with lots of stuff, why not buy the eco-friendly kind? Here’s a list of some awesome products we found that are not only safe for your little one but safe for Mother Earth too!

Eco-friendly, food safe products for babies and toddlers. 

There’s no better way to care for your baby than to use the best and safest products while feeding. It’s easy to forget, but this goes for storing food as well. Here are a couple of eco-friendly baby products specifically for feeding time that are green, sustainable and baby friendly!

1. Awesome & environmentally friendly baby bottles.

joovy baby boob bottle
image courtesy of Joovy

Joovy is known for awesome baby products, including bottles. They have a wide variety to choose from but one stands out amongst the rest for being super great for the environment, safe for baby, and void of harmful toxins. We also think the name is super appropriate—the Boob Glass Baby Bottle! It’s made of glass material which is naturally free of all the bad stuff and the nipples have been specifically designed for a successful latch! Win, win! Pro tip: Make sure to purchase some silicone sleeves for a better grip!

2. Reusable food wrappers are great for the environment!

eco-friendly food wrappers
image courtesy of Etee

When you have babies, toddlers, or kids, you have snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. And you often have to bring said snacks everywhere. We found these awesome reusable food wrappers made from organic beeswax and on average these wrappers last 120-150 uses; so rest assured, all those snacks can be wrapped and wrapped and wrapped again! The Etee wraps are also biodegradable and use GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. The ingredients are all natural which means no harmful stuff touching your kiddos snacks! Bonus: you can buy these on Amazon. You’re welcome!

3. Refillable pouches for applesauce, yogurt and smoothies are awesome eco-friendly baby products!

Squooshi reusable pouches
image courtesy of Squooshi

Since we are on the topic of snacks, we are going to continue our list with this awesome and reusable Squooshi. If your kids and toddlers love applesauce and squeezeables as much as ours do, then you’ll LOVE this product.

The Squooshi is a reusable, refillable food pouch for all those fruit (and hopefully veggies mixed in) squeezeables your little ones love. The product has a “filling station” that allows you to fill multiple pouches at once; or you can fill them individually by using the zipper at the bottom!

No more buying (and throwing away) all those other one-use pouches! From their website, “Squooshi reusable food pouches are BPA-free, PVC-free, Lead-free, Phthalate-free, puncture resistant plastic, to provide convenience and durability without unnecessary chemicals.” So, to sum it up, they are totally safe for your kiddos too. Yay! PS: You can be extra eco-friendly by using only organic fruits and veggies for your purees!

It’s easy to find eco-friendly baby products that are perfect for playtime!

The next category on our list is…! Because you have to entertain babies, toddlers and kiddos with something, right?? One of our favorite eco-friendly ways to entertain babies: reuse cardboard boxes. They’ll be entertained for hours and boxes typically come for free!

Besides boxes, here are three of our most favorite sustainable and Earth approved toy brands.

1. A leader in eco-friendly toys is one of our favorites! 

Green Toys airplane
image courtesy of Green Toys

Green Toys is appropriately named and is one of our go to eco-friendly baby product brands. All of their toys are made from recycled plastic (mostly milk jugs) and they are all made in the USA too!

They are totally committed to being a “green” company; even their packaging is sustainable. And their toys are totally safe for kiddos. We love the airplane and other toys in their Vehicles category; we are a family travel company after all!

Next time you rent a toy package from a BabyQuip Quality Provider, you might see a Green Toys item in the box!

2. An eco-friendly baby product with a spin on a classic toy we all love. 

stuffed bear from Bears for Humanity
image courtesy of Bears for Humanity

We all had a teddy bear growing up, amiright? Well, we’ve found an eco-friendly version that is just as cuddly and soft as yours was!

Bears for Humanity is a California based company that’s recreated a timeless, classic toy into a modern, eco-friendly baby product. They are organic, thoughtfully made cuddly best friends your little ones will love. Their stuffed animals use 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and are hypoallergenic; and the best part (we think) is for every purchase you make, they donate a bear to a kiddo in need. How awesome is that? Bonus: This makes a GREAT gift.

3. Award winning, natural wood toys that your kiddos will love. 

Hape Eco-friendly baby products
image courtesy of Hape Toys

Our third favorite fun creator is Hape Toys. They’ve been in the game since 1986; so needless to say, they know fun and they know toys. Plus, they dedicate themselves to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility. They make all of their toys from natural wood and bamboo materials. When they use plastics, it is the most durable of plastics so that the toy can be used for generations to come rather than thrown in the trash!

Their toys are award winning and trust us when we say, they last forever. Your grandkids’ kids will be playing with them!

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Eco-friendly baby products for baby to wear and for baby to go in!

Any parent knows, there are lots of wardrobe changes with kids. And it’s also easier to do wardrobe changes with kid number one when you have somewhere to put kid number two! Here are a couple items we love that will make this part of parenting much more environmentally friendly—which is good because you’ll be using a lot of energy and water doing laundry!

1. Be “hands free” with baby and use this awesome, organic wrap! 

mom wearing Boba baby wrap
image courtesy of Boba

Having extra hands is priceless when you have a baby and carriers and wraps are a great solution. There’s tons of brands and models on the market, but we found a wrap that is comfy, cozy for baby, and environmentally sound! Boba has an organic cotton baby wrap that’s perfect for holding baby close while dressing yourself or your toddler! It’s Certified Hip Healthy, so it’s safe for baby and it’s also super supportive for mom or dad or grandma or whomever! Don’t be afraid to breastfeed (which is also eco-friendly!) while baby is in the wrap too. Multitasking is a mom’s middle name.

2. Our go-to organic and eco-friendly baby clothing brand is a must have. 

burt's bees baby products are eco-friendly
image courtesy of Burt’s Bees Baby

Since you’ll be investing in lots of onesies and sleep sacks and pajamas and socks and any other clothing item your little one needs, we recommend becoming a Burt’s Bees Baby customer! They have a HUGE collection of organic cotton clothes and other items for baby. They too are GOTS certified and don’t use any synthetic pesticides. Their organic products are safe for baby’s skin, good for the earth and totally cute too.

3. A trendy swaddle wrap that’s great for baby, and the environment too! 

eco-friendly baby swaddles
image courtesy of Aden + Anais

Rounding out this category is Aden and Anais, the go to muslin swaddle brand (but don’t forget to look at their other product lines too!). Their muslin swaddles are super soft for baby, super multifunctional, and don’t have any harsh chemicals or treatments. Use the muslin as a blankie, swaddle for safe sleeping, burp cloth, nursing cover, and more! No need to buy a bunch of different items (hint, hint..that’s eco-friendly).

Aden and Anais baby swaddles are very durable and will last a long time. This is a tried and true, eco-friendly baby product must have for all parents!

So there you have it! These are some simple and easy eco-friendly baby products you can add to your household to increase your love and appreciation for Mother Earth! And the best part, your babies, toddlers and little ones will be thrilled you did. 


  1. Judi

    September 10, 2019 at 12:28 pm

    Love the reusable food wrapper idea!

  2. Kathy

    September 7, 2019 at 12:48 pm

    We LOVE Hape toys in our house. For organic clothing, I can’t say enough good things about L’ovedbaby.

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