Strollers at Disney World: What’s Allowed & What’s Not

We’ve got all the info you need to experience Disney World with a stroller. What’s allowed, what’s not allowed, and even some pro-trips to help make your experience truly magical.

Walt Disney World is roughly the size of San Francisco—covering 40 square miles, or 25,000 acres! While a third of the land has been set aside for conservation, Disney is still a big huge park. There is tons to see and do and lots of ground to cover. Big miles and little feet don’t always go well together, so for families visiting Disney World with little ones, a stroller is a must have item.

Disney World updated their stroller guidelines May 1, 2019 and we’ve got all the details to help you do Disney with a stroller.

Can I bring my own stroller?

asian girl sitting in stroller

Yes! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Strollers heading to Disney World must be no larger than 31 inches (79 cm) wide and 52 inches (132 cm) long
  • Stroller wagons are not allowed

Are there any other rules about using strollers at Disney World that I should be aware of?

mom loading stroller onto a bus

Yes! Keep reading:

  • Don’t take your stroller on any escalators. For safety, take an elevator or ramp instead.
  • Remove your child from the stroller while riding on Disney World transportation. On trams and buses, you’ll need to fold your stroller. Packing light makes this a lot easier.
  • Cast members sometimes move strollers. No need to panic if you exit an attraction and your stroller isn’t exactly where you left it. Sometimes employees rearrange strollers to reduce congestion.
  • Never leave personal belongings unattended in your stroller. While it’s probably okay to leave a sippy cup or half-eaten bag of cotton candy in your stroller while you board a boat to It’s a Small World, don’t leave any important items unattended in your stroller.

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Strollers at Disney World tips:

1. Rent from a BabyQuip Quality Provider

babyquip quality provider delivering a stroller

If renting hard plastic strollers at Disney World isn’t for you, a BabyQuip Quality Provider can set you up with a stroller that meets your needs. From infant attachments to double strollers, rent a travel solution that will make your day (or days) at Disney a breeze. Keep in mind that Disney strollers cannot be taken out of the parks. If you want a stroller that goes everywhere you need to go—in and out of the park—check out this rental inventory.

2. Mark your stroller

stroller parking sign

Flagging your luggage with a ribbon or unique sticker can help you quickly spot it rolling around the turnstile. The same principle applies to strollers at Disney World. When you park your stroller, it will likely be surrounded by many other strollers. Sometimes cast members will move strollers, so attaching an identifying feature will help you quickly retrieve your stroller. Here’s an idea, tie a balloon around the handlebar—the balloon doubles as a souvenir!

3. Save your receipt for Disney stroller rentals

boy sitting in a stroller at Disney World

If you have kiddos who walk more than half the time, a Disney stroller rental may be a good idea for your family. You can pick up a stroller when you need one and drop it off when you don’t. Just save your receipt and pick up another stroller when little feet are ready to ride again.

4. Pack a stroller rain cover

family walking in the rain with a stroller to Disney World

There’s plenty to do at Disney when it rains, but nothing ruins a day like a soggy stroller. If you have a stroller rain cover, bring it. If you don’t, a poncho works well too. Summer and fall are the wettest seasons at Disney World, but afternoon showers are common in Florida year round. Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather when you come prepared!

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