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Adrian Wells

Adrian Wells

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Hello BabyQuip family,I'm one of the newest partners of this wonderful service and the first in San Diego area. I have a little guy that I spend every minute I can with him. So I know what it's like to pick up and go and want to have everything
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Hiking carrier

$12.00/day (3-day min)

Backpack carriers can typically be used to carry a child and gear totaling 30 to 50 pounds, although some models can carry as much as 70 pounds. The weight of the pack itself can add another 4 to 7 pounds to the load, so consider that when choosing a pack. A heavier model might make it more difficult for you to carry your child. Most backpack carriers have an aluminum or aluminum alloy frame, which, together with the waist or hip belt, distributes the weight of the baby and your gear along your back, shoulders, and hips, rather than all on your shoulders and neck, as some front infant carriers do, especially those without a waist belt.

Limitations: Children w full head/neck control 6mths +