Full-size Crib with Linens rental in Sacramento, California by Kinsley Earl

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Kinsley Earl

Kinsley Earl

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Kinsley is both a veteran traveler and a mom, so she learned (the hard way) how challenging traveling with children can be, and she is a big fan of anything that makes traveling simpler and a little more enjoyable.    So she was excited to learn about BabyQuip, and she is
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Full-size Crib with Linens


This budget-friendly, full-size crib gives your little one all the space they need at night! This popular Ikea crib comes with a mattress and fitted sheet. Suitable for both infants and toddlers, up to 50 lbs., and fitted sheets. Neutral wood tone goes with any decor. 

This is one of two full-size wooden cribs that I offer.  The main differences between them are that this Ikea crib is stationary and the other crib (from LA Baby) has wheels.  Feel free to contact me to find out more about each crib - I am happy to help you decide which crib is right for you!

Manufacturer: Ikea

Limitations: Max weight: 50 lbs.