Vacation Family Pack rental in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Ameenah Martin

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Ameenah Martin

Ameenah Martin

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Ameenah has always been so excited at the idea of starting her own business and was thrilled when the opportunity came to join forces with BabyQuip to service the Philadelphia area with all their baby furniture and equipment needs. She was born and raised in Philadelphia with lots of family
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"Get your rentals for the Holiday Season"

Vacation Family Pack

$25.00 to purchase

Includes water/juice/healthy snacks waiting for the entire family! 6-pack water bottles, 4 toddler juice pouches, 1 box granola bars, snack packs goldfish/teddy grahams/cheez-its or animal crackers. Ask about substituting, Your choice!


Just let us know of any food allergies and we will work around them!