Nursery Mobile Toy rental in Los Angeles, California by Beverly Medrano

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Beverly Medrano

Beverly Medrano

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Beverly Medrano is a working mom to a 3 year old daughter. They live in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles (near Downtown LA and Dodger Stadium!) Her goal is to provide clean and safe baby gear rental to traveling families who want to see the City of Angels and surrounding areas. She
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  • 323-300-4778

1-day rentals available in some items. Booking now for Spring Break.

Nursery Mobile Toy

$3.00/day (3-day min)

Cute and colorful mobile toy provide hours of entertainment for baby while in the crib or pack n play. Reserve in advance


Big Toys

Cribs, pack n plays and other sleeping equipment

Bath Tub, Baby Gate, Audio Monitors, Bedrails, etc

Car Seats

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