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Jackie Sudduth

Jackie Sudduth

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Jackie Sudduth is the mom of a little boy. After traveling with her son to visit family and having to borrow everything from a crib to toys and baby gear she became intrigued by the idea of renting items when traveling. She is so excited to partner with Babyquip and
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Teething Baby Bundle

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Is your little one having trouble sleeping at night because of stuffy noses or teething discomfort? How about the horrible diaper rashes that come with it?? Combined in this bundle with our COOL Gums Teething gel, Our PureSleep & Breathe Chest Rub is gentle on your babies skin and promotes peaceful sleep with our special aromatic blend of natural oils. Our formula is made with premium quality coconut oil, shea butter and natural oils like lavender and eucalyptus radiata to safely and gently calm and prepare your little one for bed time. Our Baby Bum Balm will help heal and protect your little one's sensitive areas, and our Cool Gums teething gel cools and soothes little gums with natural, safe ingredients like Aloe and Peppermint oil--absolutely no belladonna or benzocaine! Just natural, cooling goodness. As always, our formulas are 100% drug-free, safe, non-habit forming and effective. Peace of mind at it's best! Use it as a pure and natural decongestant when their little noses are stuffy.

Manufacturer: Wink Naturals