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Kathleen Chaput

Kathleen Chaput

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With more than 12 years of corporate event and public relations experience, Kathleen was looking for something she could call her own. After having her son, she quickly realized how much gear was involved and after a couple visits to the East Coast to visit family and looking for rental gear
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Diamond Package

$65.00/day (3-day min)

This is a package that is sure to make your vacation perfect for baby. It includes the following: 1.) 1 full-size wooden crib and linens, 2.) 1 full-size high chair, 3.) sleep machine, 4.) monitor, 5.) toy package, 6.) book package, 7.) single BOB stroller, and 8.) car seat to fit child. Save over $7 per day for each day of your vacation by choosing this package. *We are not permitted to install car seats.