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Welcome to the Apple Capital of the World! BabyQuipNCW is thrilled to help you enjoy your time here! Kaylee Garcia is mommy to AJ and Savannah, and wifey to her husband, Alex. She lives in East Wenatchee and is a proud resident of North Central Washington. Kaylee loves helping families
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Vacation Rental/HomeAway/AirBnB - Save $4/day

$35.00/day (3-day min)

Perfect for families staying in vacation homes, vacation rental properties, or at a family members home! This package includes: Full sized crib with mattress, mattress pad, and one fitted sheet; 2 position and lock gates; full sized high chair; bed rail OR little kid air mattress OR portable bed; baby monitor. Pair this package with a case of water and diapers and wipes to make sure you're all stocked up! Per BabyQuip policy, we don't install gates. Furthermore, pressure-mounted gates are not approved by the manufacturer for placing at the top of stairs. Portable bed rails should not be used with infants.