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Kristie & Matt David

Kristie & Matt David

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Kristie & Matt David are parents of twin toddlers and reside in Medford, NY. After traveling with the twins, they discovered finding quality baby gear for two was not only challenging, but stressful during a time when they just wanted to relax and enjoy their vacation. They decided to look into
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Inflatable Bed with Headboard - Queen Size

$10.00/day (3-day min)

This inflatable bed features a built in versatile headboard with the ideal back support for lounging or watching TV. The multi-use headboard prevents your pillow from falling off and provides support when sitting up. Puncture-resistant vinyl sides provide added durability, while a pillow top suface delivers exceptional comfort. Fiber tech construction also prevents bed from stretching over time, allowing for long-lasting durability and comfort.