Zoe double tandem stroller rental in San Diego, California by Kristin Ross

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Zoe double tandem stroller

$14.00/day (3-day min)

If you haven't tried Zoe yet, you don't know but these are awesome light-weight adjustable strollers! This tandem stroller is actually a single stroller with an add-on for the front. That means--broken into two pieces it fits in basically any rental car! And gives you the option to just take the one single stroller on a whim. So if baby is napping in the car but big sis is going to walk--just take the single. Or if it's a cool evening and baby will go in the ergo carrier and big bro might need a stroll--take just the single! Includes a parent cup holding and kid's cup holders! The basket on the bottom have little snaps to help get big item in/out but keep them secure during transport. We love our Zoe!

Manufacturer: Zoe


not recommended for jogging.