Double Full-size Cribs - Twins/Siblings rental in Woodbridge, New Jersey by Nikisha Mayers

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Nikisha Mayers

Nikisha Mayers

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Nikisha Mayers works full time in Mid-town Manhattan and has two young sons.  After booking travel with her sons, realized she would need toddler travel gear (mainly two car seats and a stroller) after reserving a rental car and thought, why not look into renting these toddler items as well.  
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Double Full-size Cribs - Twins/Siblings

$35.00/day (3-day min)

Two Full Size Wooden Cribs. They are very sturdy and modern full-size wooden cribs. Great for twins or young siblings! Each includes a mattress, mattress pad & two cozy fitted sheets. Savings of $5/Day.

Manufacturer: Dream On Me