Full-size Wooden Crib With Cotton Linens rental in San Jose, California by Rima Hanke

Rima Hanke

Rima Hanke

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Welcome to the Bay Area! We are here to make sure you have an enjoyable and stress free stay. Rima and Patric recently moved to San Jose, California with their two sons. As a Swedish-American family they spent a number of years abroad living in Stockholm, Sweden and have done
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Full-size Wooden Crib With Cotton Linens

$18.00/day (3-day min)

This is a very sturdy and modern full-size wooden crib. It comes with a mattress with two different surfaces ‒ one side has medium-firm comfort and one firm side. Suitable for both infants and toddlers, a mattress protector and 2 cotton fitted sheets. Crib mattresses are made from safe, sustainable materials. All are free from harmful chemicals and tested according to strict safety requirements. Sheets made of sustainably grown cotton, a soft material that breathes and absorbs moisture so your child sleeps tight all night. Your child will sleep safely and so will you. Cribs come in Natural color.

Manufacturer: Dream On Me

Limitations: 50 lb weight capacity